FTxMade in Italy challenge winners



Biagio De Angelis, Camilla Dominissini, Andrea Faustini, Valentina Pepi
"'Continuum' is a modular platform that enhances customer experience and sustainability commitment for fashion luxury brands. Through a fully integrated system and advanced technologies, the platform monitors and manages the circularity of data and goods, while providing customer-centric brand experience and sustainability-oriented decisions. Only through full transparency over the supply chain, an end-to-end integration of proprietary and 3rd party data, and being first adopters of immersive technologies, the customer journey can improve in a sustainable way."


Laura Alessandrini, Flavia De Cilla, Chiara Bosio, Sara Danese
"Our idea for “Green Veritas” was to design a tool to address the issue of non-financial and ESG reporting for SMEs. By using a proprietary algorithm, we effectively “recycle, translate and aggregate” data from sustainable third-party certifications (such as organic farming, etc.) to decode SMEs sustainable efforts, to report them and to incentivise adoption by offering visibility and access to available green funding."


Chiara Ferrari, Francesca Giovanetti, Nicola Biasizzo, Mario Porzio, Emanuele Sacco
"EnJoy health reimagines the health journey through a one-step patient-centered digital solution for both patients and doctors. Empowering people to live their best lives"


Marco Menchicchi, Roberta Gatto, Jacopo Martella, Caterina Rossi, Piero Peduzzi
"These 5 talents under 35 have inverted the negative trend attached to the utility bill by blending a more engaging user interface with an AI device that educates the customer on his consumption while revolutionizing the utility tariff for more transparent and predictable spending. The paradigm shift used helped the transition from a dull analogic bill toward a digi-emotional one."


Daniela Tonoli, Giuseppe Tirelli, Daniela Tonoli, Francesco Naddeo, Matte Gabbianelli
"Technacy is set to become an MVNO player and revolutionize the TELCO industry engaging users in a sustainability challenge to reduce their carbon footprint. As eSIM provider will help companies to optimize data cost and achieve ESG goals through a gamification process which rewards most suitable employees"